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Summer 2017


  • Reviewing Plans in Times of Change
  • A Legacy for Conservation
  • A Career Helping Young People Leads to Investment in Their Future
  • Is It Time for an Update?

Summer 2016


  • Giving for Income
  • Funding Your Gift Annuity Wisely
  • Ensuring a Legacy of Future Consrvation Leaders
  • Four Things to Remember About Estate Planning

Fall 2015


  • Looking to the Future
  • A Path to Additional Income During Retirement
  • Ruth Lofgren: A Lifelong Devotion to the Natural World
  • Your Will—Your Way

Summer 2015


  • Making an Impact with Your Giving
  • What Are Your Goals?
  • Travel and Service Inspired Libby Lent’s Bequest
  • Explore Other Ways to Give

Fall 2014


  • Dear Alumni and Friends of SCA:
  • The Four P's of Effective Planning
  • Ensuring a Bright Future for Youth Conservation Service
  • How Sound Is Your Estate Plan?


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