Liz Putnam Legacy Society



The Student Conservation Association established the Liz Putnam Legacy Society to honor the vision and dedication of its founder, Liz Putnam, and all forward-looking supporters who join her in planning legacy commitments to SCA.
In her senior thesis at Vassar in 1955, Liz proposed the creation of an organization that would engage young people in vital conservation work that meager national park budgets could not cover. She believed such a volunteer program would enable young people to play an important role in caring for these national jewels and build a new generation of conservation stewards.
Liz’s vision, even while she was a college student, was remarkable. After graduation Liz agreed to devote two years of her life to making her dream a reality. SCA was launched in 1957 and Liz’s two year commitment turned into a lifetime of service to SCA.
The founding of SCA preceded Earth Day, the EPA, the Peace Corps, the Wilderness Act, the Endangered Species Act, even Rachel Carson’s seminal Silent Spring.
As Liz looks to the future, she firmly believes that the challenges facing our natural land and our planet are greater today than back in the 1950s and will be just as momentous tomorrow. She has, therefore planned a legacy gift to SCA.




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